Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Years 2010

I realize I am a little late with my post, but we had such a great time that I really wanted to post the pictures. We took the two older boys to Oklahoma City for the night. Despite the cold, we had so much fun!! We started out going to an Oklahoma City Thunder basketball game. It was a blast!! OKC won by 1 point. We then walked back to our hotel and warmed up before we went outside to watch them raise the ball and shoot fireworks at midnight. When we were walking through the lobby to go to our room, we saw Paul Thompson that played football at OU. He was such a nice guy and signed an autograph for the boys and took a picture with them. On Friday, we ate lunch at Hooters (I know, I know..but the food is wonderful!!!) and headed home to pick up Dagan who stayed the night with his grandma.

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Jessica said...

What a memorable night out on the town! : )