Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas and a Trip to the ER

We had a wonderful (and snowy) Christmas. Koy was so excited that Santa brought him a new bike and Dagan got a Batman Cave. They have played with that thing for 4 days straight! The snow delayed some of our plans. We were suppose to go to my grandparent's house about 30 miles away on Christmas Day, but we did not make it up there until Sunday. We were going to leave Christmas evening to go to Fayetteville, AR to visit my other grandparents, but so far we have not made it up there. We are suppose to get another snow storm tonight, I just hope it is not as bad as the last one we got!

Sunday night Dagan was going to stay the night with his grandparents and we were going to take Trey and Koy to dinner and the movies. We left and were trying to decide where to eat when I got a phone call.....Dagan had fell and hit his head on the coffee table. We turned around and went back and decided that Dagan needed to go to the ER. They glued his cut and told us to wake him up every 3 hours at night. It was pretty scary, but he is just fine.

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Ngatio Hendriyanto said...

It's funny..would you be careful please.