Monday, August 10, 2009

Dolphins, Sea Lions, and Shamu....OH MY!!

We took our vacation a little late in the summer, but hey, it was so worth it!! We took a trip down to San Antonio. We left on Tuesday after work and drove about 5 hours to Austin and stayed in a hotel, then on Wednesday morning we drove about 1 1/2 hours to Sea World. The boys LOVED seeing the animals, but I think the favorite part was petting the dolphins. It was amazing! They would just come right up to you and open wide for a fish.

On Thursday, we spent the day downtown at the RiverWalk. We went to the Children's Museum, Alamo, Towers of the Americas, and ate at Hard Rock Cafe. Our hotel was right on the RiverWalk so we did not even have to get in the car. Just pop the kids in the strollers and off we went!

On Friday, it was back to Seaworld. They have a water park included with the park and the weather was soo hot it was good to cool off in the spash pool. We started the drive home on Saturday and stopped in Dallas for a little shopping. I am now in full back to school mode! Koy starts kindergarten on Thursday. He also starts football practice on Aug. 24th and has to have his tonsils out on Aug. 26th. I am exausted just thinking about this month!!

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Jessica said...

What fun memories!