Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Busy Week And A Little Weekend Fun

My husband and I left on Monday night to go to St. Louis because my Grandma had to have surgery. She was diagnosed in December with pancreatic cancer. The surgery went well and she is on the road to recovery. As hard as the trip was to take, the hardest part was leaving my sweet babies here with their Grandma. Koy had to go to school and I was not sure Dagan could handle 5 days in the hospital. It was the longest time I have ever had to leave them and it was the hardest thing I have done. While we were in St. Louis my cousin, Chris, and his wife went with us to see the Arch. It was VERY cold, but it was nice to get away from the hospital for a bit.

When we got home, we decided to take Koy bowling. He has been asking us for a while to take him and since we had not seen him in so long we were pretty much saying yes to anything he asked! He had so much fun!!

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Julie said...

I don't remember knowing your grandma was sick. I'm so sorry! I hope she is doing better and I will pray for her this week.

I'm glad you got to get away but sorry for the circumstances.

That angle of the arch and you is cool!