Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Daddy Time...and a sick baby

Roy decided that he would take Koy to Dallas for the weekend to spend some "Koy and Daddy time". Koy was so excited to spend the night in a hotel with his daddy. They read a book every night about a boy and his dad that build a castle and play knights, so Roy decided to take Koy to eat at Medieval Times. Koy came home talking all about watching the knights battle and "hooking rings on their long swords".
Koy also had his end of the season party for his soccer team. He was so happy to get his very first trophy.
Dagan's weekend has not been so much fun! On Sunday morning he woke up sick. He had a deep cough, vomiting everywhere (sorry!), and runny nose. I thought he caught a stomach bug and thought it would go away the next day. WRONG! It stayed for 4 days. I took him to the doctor today and by this time he was already borderline dehydrated. The doctor decided not to put him through the pain of an IV so we decided to try and rehydrate him orally. I stopped and bought him a Sprite and he drank most of it. He seems to be feeling a little better. Nothing is worse than a sick baby that can not tell you what hurts.


Brooklyn said...

It sounds like Koy had a ton of fun! I want to go there! lol Sorry to hear that Dagan was sick. I know what you mean about him not being able to tell you were it hurts. It makes you feel awful! Hope he's feeling better.

Julie said...

Oh I hope Dagan gets to feeling better soon! I'm glad as I'm sure you are to that he didn't have to go through an IV.

I love the dad/son trip! How fun!! Just think what a memory that will be when he gets older!!

Brittney said...

I love that they had a father/son trip! That is so cute! I hope he feels better soon!

Keeley's Mom said...

Medieval Times sounds like so much fun! How sweet having a father-son get-away like that. Sorry about the babe being sick. That's never fun!!