Thursday, April 10, 2008

Toy Trains

Today I babysat my nephew Mason. Him and Koy both love Thomas the Train and Koy has lots of trains and tracks to play with. The boys drug out all the tracks and started building around Koy's room. They had a blast playing together and Dagan was just in there playing and watching the older boys in awe. On a different note, we got the results of Koy's allergy tests. He is allergic to dust and dust mites, three types of mold, all of which we can fix pretty easy with some simple changes at home, and then we got the news that he is allergic to eggs and milk. So now my baby must be on soy milk and no more eggs. He was very upset yesterday because he asked for a piece of cheese and I had to say no. I went last night and bought him some soy milk, gave him a small glass of it, and sat back and waited for the reaction. He said "Momma, that is pretty tasty!" I was never so glad to hear those words!!


Welcome to Our Lives... said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your son is allergic to milk and eggs- that is hard! I hope he (and you) adjust easily.

ashleydiggs said...

Aw Kim! At least he likes the taste of the soy milk!

Meredith said...

That's going to be a big change, staying away from the milk especially. That's great he liked the soy milk though.

OMG, TRAINS!! We're overtaken by trains here too. We're finally getting him a table like that for his birthday though I think. The boys look like they were having a great time.