Sunday, April 13, 2008

Family Day

About once a month we will pick a day and call it family day. We will spend the whole day together and have a great time. Today we decided to take the boys to Chuck E. Cheese. We had originally planned on going to the zoo, but when we got to Oklahoma City it was about 50 degrees so we decided to skip the zoo! Anyway, after Chuck E. Cheese we decided to do some shopping so we went to Old Navy and then to the mall. Roy and I picked up some much needed summer clothes and Koy got a new pair of flip flops. We finished with dinner at Red Lobster and then headed for home. Once we got back to Duncan, we stopped at Blockbuster and picked up a movie for Roy and me to watch. We decided on "I am Legend" with Will Smith.
As you may remember from some of my earlier posts, my grandma has not been doing too well. Today she was not feeling well and her blood oxygen level was low. My sister took her to the ER in Duncan and they have decided to send her back to the OU Medical Center where she had her surgery. Based upon her blood work she has an infection somewhere and they think it is related to her surgery, she also has pneumonia. We still do not have a lot of information about what is going on, but hopefully she will get back up there with the team that did her surgery and they can give us some answers.


Julie said...

Can you believe the weather we are having?? It was in the 30s this morning!!! I think it is wonderful you have a family day.

I hope your grandmother gets some relief from being so ill.

Welcome to Our Lives... said...

What a fun day and a great tradition!

I hope your grandma gets well soon!

ashleydiggs said...

I hope your grandma gets better and you can find out what's wrong!!

Meredith said...

Sorry about your grandmother's illness.

That sounds like such a fun day. I know Graham would have loved the Bob the Builder toys.

Jessica said...

Lordy, we saw I Am Legend in the theater, and it scared me half to death! Ha! : )